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TEDxWellingtonSalon #3 | Event Review

TEDxWellington Salon #3

The third TEDxWellington Salon event has been and gone and we want to thank you all for coming on this journey with us (check out all the images from the evening here).

These Salon events have kept Wellingtonians engaged and connected over the last 12 months plus provide the perfect place to watch TED talks, hear previous speakers and discuss ideas with interested and interesting people. Consider the next TEDxWellingtonSalon event you attend an ‘ideas hub’—somewhere you not only take away some great ideas and insights, but where you also share your ideas.

“…good ideas often come from a collision of ideas so that they form something bigger than themselves.”
Steve Johnson (see below)

Now, at this third Salon event we announced something awesome!
TEDxWellington 2016 tickets will go on sale to the general public one month out from the event. That means you will be able to purchase tickets Friday 5 February 2016.

Want to know something even cooler?
We will be making a batch of tickets to the 2016 TEDxWellington event available to those who have attended one of the three Salon events. What this means is that Salon attendees will have exclusive access to a batch (exact numbers to be announced at a later date) of tickets to purchase before the general public as way of a thank you for supporting these events.

What else happened at this third Salon event?
Not only did we announce details of the main TEDxWellington event, we also had updates from previous speakers: Ben Forman, Alex Hannant and Dave Moskovitz. And how could we forget watching these two great talks:

As ever, these events are a collaboration with great partners / souls: Wellington
City Council,
The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, Eyeball Kicks, Flight Coffee, GoodBuzz Kombucha, WorkerBe, Uber and Tommy Millions.

We hope to see you all at the next TEDxWellingtonSalon in a few months time (date and venue TBC). But in the meantime, we are continually learning and adapting the Salon events and would love your feedback, by answering this simple question:

1. What would you like to see at a TEDxWellingtonSalon event?

Tell us via our contact page.

There are a number of other TEDx events in New Zealand although the next one coming up before the end of the year is TEDxDunedin – October 30 2015 http://tedxdunedin.com/about/.

TEDxWellingtonSalon #3 | Important Event Information

TEDxWellingtonSalon logo

A big thanks to everyone who registered for our Salon event on 7 October — it sold out quickly (5 hours). We’re really looking forward to the third Wellington Salon event and hope you are too!

If you have a ticket, here are the details:

*TEDxWellington operates as a non-profit entity run by volunteers. If you’d like to join us for dinner, please contribute $10 per person on the door to help cover our food costs. Although Tea and Flight Coffee will be provided.

If you haven’t already – watch the following talks before tomorrow’s event! We’re excited to have updates from Ben Forman and Alex Hannant who both spoke at the first TEDxTeAro event on digital thinking versus analogue thinking and the emerging trend in social enterprises respectively plus Dave Moskovitz who spoke last year about the four superpowers of the internet at TEDxWellington last year.

We’re also excited to have collaborated with some awesome people to put this event on: The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, Eyeball Kicks, Flight Coffee, GoodBuzz Soda, Workabe>, Uber and Tommy Millions.

Don’t forget the hashtag for the evening is #TEDxWelly.

IMPORTANT | TEDxWellington 2015 Date Change


We are moving TEDxWellington to Saturday, March 5th 2016.

We want to thank the TEDx community for your patience, enthusiasm and most of all your trust in us to put on an incredible experience. We are committed to delivering the best event possible, and therefore decided to make the move to March 2016 for the following reasons:

  • it’s a more favourable time for a couple of our speakers including our guest US orator: who is from a high-profile organisation and who we think you’ll be pretty excited about;
  • it creates more time to secure final cash sponsorship, and this means we can really focus on the experience we’re creating for our delegates;
  • allows space to lock in a venue and date for the 2017 TEDxWellington event, where the number of delegates will hit four figures for the first time in Wellington.

Cheers for the patience and support you’ve shown us over the past year, and we can promise you that the extra anticipation will all be worth it.

Put the 5 March 2016 in your diary and stay tuned for updates!

TEDxWellingtonSalon #3 | SOLD OUT

TEDxWellington Salon

UPDATE: As with our last Salon event, we’ve sold out again! A big thanks to everyone who registered and sorry if you missed out this time. Make sure you subscribe to our email updates for the latest news from the front page or alternatively sign up to our blog posts in the sidebar.

On 7 October we’re putting on Wellington’s third Salon event for 2015. There’ll be updates from previous TEDxWellington and TEDxTeAro speakers, TED videos, and interactive discussions/activities.

Salon events are an opportunity to think and interact with the TEDx community in Wellington. We’ll also be providing an update on the next TEDxWellington event planned for the capital.

We’re excited to have updates from Ben Forman and Alex Hannant who both spoke at the first TEDxTeAro event on digital thinking versus analogue thinking and the emerging trend in social enterprises respectively plus Dave Moskovitz who spoke last year about the four superpowers of the internet at TEDxWellington last year.

Get in quick as numbers are strictly limited and our last Salon event sold out in the same day.

SOLD OUT – Buy your ticket online at EventFinder now – SOLD OUT.

When: Wednesday 7 October, 6pm-8pm
Where: Wellington Central Library, Mezzanine Room
Tickets: from Eventfinder.
Cost: Tickets are free, with $10 on the door to cover the cost of food*

*TEDxWellington operates as a non-profit entity run by volunteers. If you’d like to join us for dinner, please contribute $10 per person on the door to help cover our food costs. Flight Coffee and Goodbuzz are generously providing drinks.

This Salon event is aimed at the TEDxWellington and TED-talks-watching community (full explanation here). Everyone’s welcome – attendance is open to the public and not restricted to just those who have attended a previous TEDx event in the city.

Calling Interested Sponsors | 2015 Deadline

helping hands

Final sponsors urgently needed—can you help?

We’re extremely grateful to our already secured Bronze level and Silver sponsors for TEDxWellington 2015. We have a fantastic line-up of speakers, a stellar top secret venue along with a team of passionate volunteers who are committed to enabling the sharing of the best ideas this region has to offer.

Unfortunately, the 2015 event cannot go ahead unless we secure another Gold and Silver sponsor. We’ve gone back and forth, and trimmed our budget as much as possible, however, we need more funding to be able to deliver the quality event the capital deserves.

So we’re looking for any leads and interested sponsors to reach out urgently over the next week. Plus, if you, our fantastic community, would please assist us by sharing this blog with your networks that would help a great deal as well.


As the above image shows, TEDxWellington has continued to grow year upon year until, in the 24 hours after we announced this years event, the stats went through the roof—including the tripling of nominated speakers / performers.

This non-profit event is run wholly by a dedicated team of volunteers and supported through partnerships in kind plus cash sponsorships. This year we have 1x Gold (starting at $15,000) and 1x Silver (starting at $10,000) sponsor level still available, which include the following benefits:

  • lead placement of logo on sponsorships / partners web page (includes hyperlink)
  • mentions in press releases
  • featured on event holding slide
  • featured on video holding slide representation when talks uploaded to TEDxTalks YouTube channel plus same for TEDxWellington 2015 short video documentary


  • invites to attend Mayor’s reception plus opportunity to speak
  • VIP tickets for the event
  • named thanks on the TEDxWellington 2015 stage / review blog posts / report
  • featured area in ‘sponsors gallery’ at the breakout space of venue
  • featured in our printed programme + 100 words (if produced tbc)

DEADLINE: Noon on Friday 25th September 2015—get in touch to talk more.

In the three years we’ve run these events the wider impact of is evident via:

  • speakers / performers walking off the stage with job offers or further opportunities
  • talks being leverages to complete successful Kickstarter campaigns (three and counting)
  • past speakers / ideas been featured in global magazines and sites
  • the raising the profile of Wellington globally through the TED brand
  • and it’s impact on those who attended in raising their pride in the capital city of this great nation

We hope we can continue this story.


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2015 Speakers / Performers Chosen | Humble Thanks


With nearly triple the amount than last year, the curation team have chosen our TEDxWellington speakers and performers for 2015.

As originally announced, we will not be sharing any details of the forthcoming lineup to heighten the expectation and experience. We appreciate it’s a bold move and again, ask for your trust in bringing you a bevy of amazing ‘ideas worth spreading.’

Again, it’s with deep respect and humble thanks to all those who submitted an application (here’s how we chose), for the shortlist who gave their time to be interviewed and for the lucky few who are now committing to the six week programme of coaching in preparation of the big day.

Please ensure the 21st of November, 2015 is booked out in your diaries and you’re signed up to receive the email newsletter notifications where we will be sharing details of both the ticket availability in the coming weeks plus the upcoming community Salon event.


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